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RCS Re-Zoned High Schools

The new high school zones for the 2022-2023 school year have been announced and can be seen here. Important note: All rising 9th graders who have been rezoned must attend their new zoned school beginning in August. Rising 10th-12th graders have a grandfather option to remain at their existing schools but transportation is not provided. There is not a sibling option. Those who wish to exercise the grandfather option must notify their existing schools. If you’d like to see the last Board discussion before the… Read More »RCS Re-Zoned High Schools

Opposing RCS Proposed Public Engagement Rules, Alternatives Offered

Intro Rutherford Students First opposes the proposed changes to the public engagement rules at Rutherford County Board of Education meetings. The practical reasons are outlined below, along with an explanation for why we oppose the Board’s changes. Beyond our opposition, we have also provided an alternative policy which would address the basic problems the Board is attempting to solve without inhibiting anyone’s rights. Why Do We Oppose the Board’s Proposed Policy? As any school board considers new policies or changes to existing policies, some core… Read More »Opposing RCS Proposed Public Engagement Rules, Alternatives Offered

RCS Board Meeting Follow-Up, 10.15.2021

Key notes. 1. Mask policy for RCS staff is changing to optional. – Teachers can now choose to wear masks or not. – Rutherford Students First likes any policy where individuals retain personal choice BUT the proposal for change was first stated at the Thursday meeting with no public notice other than a general topic discussion on an agenda item of Covid policy changes. Before that moment, no one knew about any specific changes (good or bad). Inserting the actual change in policy after the… Read More »RCS Board Meeting Follow-Up, 10.15.2021