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Opposing RCS Proposed Public Engagement Rules, Alternatives Offered

Intro Rutherford Students First opposes the proposed changes to the public engagement rules at Rutherford County Board of Education meetings. The practical reasons are outlined below, along with an explanation for why we oppose the Board’s changes. Beyond our opposition, we have also provided an alternative policy which would address the basic problems the Board is attempting to solve without inhibiting anyone’s rights. Why Do We Oppose the Board’s Proposed Policy? As any school board considers new policies or changes to existing policies, some core… Read More »Opposing RCS Proposed Public Engagement Rules, Alternatives Offered

RCS 2021 TCAP Scores

To look up a full report for any individual school, go to To see a list of proficiency by subject for all RCS Schools, go here. To see RCS high schools broken down by subject proficiency, go here. Note there are tabs in the spreadsheet for each subject. Magnet schools excluded from this list.