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RCS Parent Gets Agenda-filled Sign Removed

Remember this poster we shared that was in a classroom at Smyrna Middle School? A parent sent us the picture, but wished to remain anonymous. We determined who their board member was, so they could send a complaint to the right person. We then spread the picture far and wide on social media because the parent didn’t want any attention. Local media picked the story up after seeing our social media post, investigated the claim, and I am happy to report that: “The principal addressed… Read More »RCS Parent Gets Agenda-filled Sign Removed

Political Agenda Pushed in RCS Classroom

Should this sign be in a classroom at a Rutherford County Schools (RCS) middle school? This is a real question for parents, as this sign was sent to us by an RCS parent from a Smyrna Middle School classroom. This information has been reported to the respective school board member, and we are awaiting feedback from the parent. In the meantime, we can look at existing RCS policies for some guidance on whether the teacher is breaking the rules: 1. Rutherford County Board of Education… Read More »Political Agenda Pushed in RCS Classroom

Teacher’s Union Funds Redefinition of American Founding

Do you believe America’s Revolutionary War was fought against the British “in order to ensure slavery would continue”? We don’t. That conclusion by the “1619 Project” is categorically false, but is supported by the teacher’s union in Rutherford County through willingly paid dues to the nation’s largest union, the National Education Association (NEA). When you hear parents upset about critical race theory (CRT), it’s efforts like this that attempt to focus every part of history and life through a primary lens of racism. The NEA… Read More »Teacher’s Union Funds Redefinition of American Founding

Teacher’s Union Supports “Racial & Social Justice” Activism

The teacher’s union in Rutherford County wants to force mask wearing on kids at school, but what else do they want? These teachers are dues paying members of the National Education Association (NEA), so they are willingly funding all kinds of NEA projects and agendas. Per it’s own website, the NEA wants to “challenge systemic racism in school.” This is done by “Supporting Black Lives Matter.” So the NEA wants to “broaden the movement of critical reflection.” To that end, the NEA created and funds… Read More »Teacher’s Union Supports “Racial & Social Justice” Activism

Teacher’s Union Hypocrisy on Masks

The teacher’s union in Rutherford County thinks your kids should be FORCED to wear masks at school, but they CHOOSE not to wear masks themselves. These are 2 pictures of the teacher’s union president in Rutherford County. The picture with no masks is from the union Facebook Page on July 26, 2021. The other is from the Rutherford County School Board meeting August 12, 2021, as the union pushed for forced masks and quarantining. If this was about any safety concern, they would have CHOSEN… Read More »Teacher’s Union Hypocrisy on Masks

Teacher’s Union about Power First

At the last school board meeting, a Rutherford Students First (RSF) representative said that a primary problem in Rutherford County Schools (RCS) is that the teacher’s union had become the dominant voice in driving RCS policies, far more than individual parents–who are easily dismissed and ignored. It’s a primary reason our organization has formed, to give parents a united voice for our special interest–our kids. Over the coming months, we are going to highlight the National Education Association (NEA), America’s largest union, which many teachers… Read More »Teacher’s Union about Power First

Academia Stokes Racial Division

Stoking division between people based on race is not new for academia, but it’s not needed in our local schools. By 1990, the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History was making people aware of certain signs of “whiteness”: individualism, hard work, objectivity, the nuclear family, progress, respect for authority, delayed gratification, and more. If you wanted to wreck an entire community of people, this kind of thinking is how you would start. The document below was found on a “whiteness” page at the Smithsonian’s… Read More »Academia Stokes Racial Division