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Updated Ideas for Handling Covid in RCS

The school board refuses to have a discussion over any ideas for dealing with Covid outside of masks and contact tracing, both of which violate parent’s rights and Tennessee law in how they are currently being handled. With the school district building their Covid policy on a discriminatory foundation of removing healthy, non-symptomatic, and Covid-free students from school only because they aren’t wearing a mask, they are both breaking the law and ignoring a wide variety of other solutions. We have posted these ideas in… Read More »Updated Ideas for Handling Covid in RCS

Student Punished for Not Wearing a Mask in Rutherford County Schools

RSF note: this parent is reaching out to the school to resolve this issue, but we are highlighting this story to point out the ongoing arbitrary and pointless application of Covid-related rules in RCS To be clear, there is no standing RCS policy that allows any student to be treated differently for any reason. We have previously reported stories of an RCS high school segregating students after asking their vaccination status (totally inappropriate). Now students are being treated differently because they are not wearing a… Read More »Student Punished for Not Wearing a Mask in Rutherford County Schools

Rutherford County Schools Mask Policy Must Be Suspended

PRESS RELEASE, Date: Monday, September 13, 2021 Rutherford County Schools Mask Policy Must Be Suspended Because District Processes Not Followed. New Policy and Vote Required. An attorney for Rutherford County Schools (RCS) has confirmed that no record of a mask policy being filed through a Policy Committee or the Director of Schools exists. This step is required before bringing any policy before the public or enacting any RCS policy changes. Because the proper process was not followed, the mask policy changes discussed in RCS Board… Read More »Rutherford County Schools Mask Policy Must Be Suspended

RCS Mask Opt-Out Form

The RCS mask opt-out form can be found here. From RCS official announcement:  September 10, 2021, Rutherford County Schools The Rutherford County Board of Education passed a temporary, 30-day mask requirement last night that applies to students, employees and visitors to all schools. The policy goes into effect Sept. 13, 2021. The approved motion (the text is included below) also includes metrics to determine when the policy will be deactivated or reactivated.   Under Gov. Lee’s Executive Order 84, parents do have the option to… Read More »RCS Mask Opt-Out Form

Challenge to Board Mask Policy Process

This letter was sent to the School Board, Director of Schools and staff attorney on September 10, 2021. Hello Sara Page, Board Members and Director Spurlock, I spoke on the problem of process at the Board meeting, and have spoken privately to Board members about this same problem. The Covid policy motion voted upon at the Sept 9th Board meeting could not have been voted upon because it did not appear on the September 9th meeting agenda, nor had it been made public prior to the… Read More »Challenge to Board Mask Policy Process

Feeling Down About RCS Mask Fight?

For anyone feeling down about the RCS mask fight, don’t. We have only every wanted parent choice on masks. We don’t believe anyone should be inhibited from wearing masks either, BTW. It’s always been about choice. Regardless of what the School Board does, you can still make the choice that you believe is best for your kids. Whether the RCS mask opt-out form existed or not, your right to choose remains in place. This group was not started only to oppose mask mandates. There are… Read More »Feeling Down About RCS Mask Fight?

“Emergency” Board Meeting Update

Tuesday, September 7, 2021 “Emergency” Board meeting update, short version: No new mask policy yet. Discussion continues Wed and Thurs, 5pm @ Rutherford County Board of Education. Detailed description: – Board listened to every speaker. For that reason, the meeting lasted for hours prior to any Board discussion, proposed policy, or votes. – A motion was made to retain the current policy of no mask requirement. Motion did not pass. Lisa Moore, Tammy Sharpe, and Claire Maxwell supported this motion. Sheila Bratton, Tiffany Johnson, Coy… Read More »“Emergency” Board Meeting Update

Ideas for Handling Covid at School

Letter sent to School Board, Director of Schools, and HR Director on September 7th, 2021 at 10:30pm. Hello Board Members, Director Spurlock, and Dr. Anthony, Just following up on my suggestion of a meeting to discuss some out of the box ideas for Covid policies. I believe the folks from the pro-universal mask side shot an email as well while at the meeting. I’d love to grab a couple people from the pro-parent choice side, and also some teachers and other administrators to work on… Read More »Ideas for Handling Covid at School

Masks Pushed in RCS. Emergency Board Meeting Called.

To discuss requiring masks in Rutherford County Schools (RCS), an “emergency” school board meeting will be held Tuesday, Sept 7th at 5pm. We know your time is limited, but we need everyone to attend this meeting that will be discussing masking policies. Bring friends and your kids. Location: Rutherford County Board of EducationAddress: 2240 Southpark Drive, Murfreesboro, TN 37128Date: Tuesday, Sept 7th @ 5pm Based on last year’s results, we know this losing formula: masks that inhibit communication + quarantine that breaks up instruction =… Read More »Masks Pushed in RCS. Emergency Board Meeting Called.

Parents Furious Over Mishandling of Covid in Schools

Letter sent RCS School Board and Director of Schools, August 30, 2021 Board Members and Director Spurlock, On August 10, 2021 the Rutherford County Board of Education reviewed and approved a procedure intended to prevent students and staff from being quarantined who were Covid free or symptom free. Despite this clear intent, the Director of Schools for Rutherford County Schools (RCS) unilaterally changed this procedure (both procedures can be found here) to remove non-symptomatic and non-Covid positive students from schools–with no input, consultation, or vote… Read More »Parents Furious Over Mishandling of Covid in Schools