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Students Being Grouped, Forced to Provide Personal Health Information

The arbitrary and inappropriate behavior continues in Rutherford County Schools (RCS) handling of Covid policies. This was reported by a parent on Friday, August 27th.

Their student was contact traced at an RCS high school. Along with their child, approximately 40 students were pulled into the library by the Assistant Principal and asked to form two lines, one of the vaccinated and one of the unvaccinated.

The staff then handed the kids who claimed to be vaccinated a piece of paper to email proof. Without question, the school can’t segment kids into groups and make them publicly disclose health information. This is problematic in every possible way.

The parent immediately contacted the RCS Director’s office, and the student was reinstated. Ironically, this also makes zero sense, since the Director’s office arbitrarily chose how to apply the policy in order to undo the arbitrary application of that same policy.

Folks, no one is steering this ship, or potentially worse–the wrong people are at the helm in this storm.

What the school did is the inevitable, rule breaking outcome of poorly written and possibly illegal policies. Beyond this outrageous incident, because there is no definitive process capable of duplication and review, kids are taking advantage of these arbitrary rules and self identifying as sick just to get out of school.

Change is needed. If you want to drive that change, sign up to join the fight here.