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RCS Parent Gets Agenda-filled Sign Removed

Remember this poster we shared that was in a classroom at Smyrna Middle School?

A parent sent us the picture, but wished to remain anonymous. We determined who their board member was, so they could send a complaint to the right person. We then spread the picture far and wide on social media because the parent didn’t want any attention. Local media picked the story up after seeing our social media post, investigated the claim, and I am happy to report that:

“The principal addressed this poster with the teacher yesterday and explained classroom walls and bulletin boards are intended to be used for displaying materials related to the academic standards covered in the class. The teacher agreed to remove the poster immediately.” – James Evans, Rutherford County Schools Communications Director

As more people get involved, we can do this again and again. If you want to get involved with Rutherford Students First, sign up to join the fight here.

Thanks to all who shared this story, and thanks to RCS for doing the right thing. And of course, thank you to the parent who brought this forward. It takes courage to stand up. Rutherford Students First is happy to stand with you.

To re-state one of Rutherford Students First’s primary objectives: “Keep political agendas and opinions out of curriculum and the class room.”

We do NOT want any politics or personal agendas in the classroom. Not “right.” Not “left.” Nothing.

Despite what the unions are telling their teachers or the activist tools unions provide their members, teachers should NOT be activists in the classrooms. This is not their job.

Regardless of how you feel about any of the slogans on this sign, it is not the place of teachers to advocate for these perspectives. If teachers put a sign up opposing all of these viewpoints, we would condemn that sign as well. The problem isn’t the perspective. It’s the advocacy and insertion of personal politics and agenda into the classroom.