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RCS Mask Opt-Out Form

The RCS mask opt-out form can be found here.

From RCS official announcement: 

September 10, 2021, Rutherford County Schools

The Rutherford County Board of Education passed a temporary, 30-day mask requirement last night that applies to students, employees and visitors to all schools. The policy goes into effect Sept. 13, 2021.

The approved motion (the text is included below) also includes metrics to determine when the policy will be deactivated or reactivated.  

Under Gov. Lee’s Executive Order 84, parents do have the option to opt-out their students from the requirement. Please note this applies only to students and not employees. Parents will need to complete this form if they wish to opt-out their students (one form submission per student is required).


Temporary Mask Requirement for 30 days, running from 9/13 to 10/14. We will honor the opt-out laid out in Executive Order 84. The following terms shall apply:

  1. This will automatically terminate if the average weekly positivity rate for Rutherford County reaches 10% or less for three consecutive weeks.
  2. If the first term is met and the procedure is terminated, but the average weekly positivity rate for Rutherford County reaches 15% or higher, the mask requirement will automatically be reinstated. 
  3. If a student is identified as a contact of a positive case at school, the student contact is exempt from RCS-initiated quarantine if the student is wearing a mask unless the masked student exhibits COVID-19 symptoms.