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RCS Board Meeting Follow-Up, 10.15.2021

Key notes.

1. Mask policy for RCS staff is changing to optional.

– Teachers can now choose to wear masks or not.

– Rutherford Students First likes any policy where individuals retain personal choice BUT the proposal for change was first stated at the Thursday meeting with no public notice other than a general topic discussion on an agenda item of Covid policy changes. Before that moment, no one knew about any specific changes (good or bad). Inserting the actual change in policy after the discussion meeting and Thursday public comments is precisely the wrong way to do this, and we continue to have problems with this process.

– Its worth noting the mask mandate supporters repeatedly spoke about the need for universal masking, requesting the parent mask opt-out be removed.

2. Public engagement limitations passed.

– RCS board has made it clear, they don’t care about 1st amendment protections. New limitations below.

– Speakers from the same organization should pick a single speaker to represent them- Posters and signs are not allowed

– The chairman can have a speaker removed if the speaker is making repetitive comments already made by other speakers.

– Visitors must request to speak no later than 2 days before the meeting.

– Must provide proof of Rutherford County residence when you request to be a speaker.

3. Local teacher’s union leadership presented board with request for “collaborative conferencing.”

– For those who don’t know what this means, its the union pushing to represent all teachers in contract negotiations.

– This is a union push for greater power in the schools as they would have greater leverage.

– Teacher’s unions have proven they are one of the worst influences on America’s schools. One of many reasons is that they are a primary driver of political agendas in classrooms.

– RSF has highlighted the union agenda in the past, and will continue to do so. We do NOT want more union influence and control in RCS.

– This presentation of petition begins a whole process between the union and RCS.

4. Charter school, Rutherford Collegiate Prep, denied.

– Board took time to have attorney provide details on application, and it’s clear the charter simply copied their Nashville application, much of which did not apply to Rutherford County.

– The charter school’s application will now move to the Tennessee Charter School Commission, and if approved will not be overseen by RCS.

5. Failed financial audits at multiple schools. Board approved correction measures.

– Still no idea WHY these schools failed financial audits. Board only discussed process of schools being audited, but no details on the audit results.

– Records request from RSF will be necessary. Will update RSF followers once received.

6. A character education pilot program at Plainview Elementary. Board approved.

– As previously mentioned, RSF research in curriculum and the organization turned up lots of buzzwords like “social emotional learning” and “equity.”

– Plainview parents need to keep this on their radar for potential problems.