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Teacher’s Union Hypocrisy on Masks

The teacher’s union in Rutherford County thinks your kids should be FORCED to wear masks at school, but they CHOOSE not to wear masks themselves. These are 2 pictures of the teacher’s union president in Rutherford County. The picture with no masks is from the union Facebook Page on July 26, 2021. The other is from the Rutherford County School Board meeting August 12, 2021, as the union pushed for forced masks and quarantining. If this was about any safety concern, they would have CHOSEN… Read More »Teacher’s Union Hypocrisy on Masks

Teacher’s Union about Power First

At the last school board meeting, a Rutherford Students First (RSF) representative said that a primary problem in Rutherford County Schools (RCS) is that the teacher’s union had become the dominant voice in driving RCS policies, far more than individual parents–who are easily dismissed and ignored. It’s a primary reason our organization has formed, to give parents a united voice for our special interest–our kids. Over the coming months, we are going to highlight the National Education Association (NEA), America’s largest union, which many teachers… Read More »Teacher’s Union about Power First

RCS Board Introduction

From the introduction of Rutherford Students First at the Rutherford County Schools (RCS) Board meeting and letter to the board on 8.12.21, announcing our new organization. Hello Board members and Director Spurlock, These were my prepared comments from the board meeting this evening. We won’t agree on every single thing, but this is our first step in changing the board, school and parent relationship dynamics in Rutherford County. We’ll be in touch. – Chris Welcome to a new school year! The last couple times I’ve… Read More »RCS Board Introduction

Terrible Drop in Student Test Scores Released from 2020-2021 School Year

With the release of 2021 TCAP results a clear picture has emerged, not just of the impact to our children, but also of the path forward. As expected, the disrupted learning resulted in a definitive decline in subject proficiency for all age groups. The path forward is simple, schools need to remain open and children need to be in the classroom unimpeded by the political environment. Gov. Lee Release here. Full TCAP PPT here. Highlights below.

Academia Stokes Racial Division

Stoking division between people based on race is not new for academia, but it’s not needed in our local schools. By 1990, the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History was making people aware of certain signs of “whiteness”: individualism, hard work, objectivity, the nuclear family, progress, respect for authority, delayed gratification, and more. If you wanted to wreck an entire community of people, this kind of thinking is how you would start. The document below was found on a “whiteness” page at the Smithsonian’s… Read More »Academia Stokes Racial Division

Campaign Management Training

Running for office? Helping someone run for office? Join us for a campaign management training. At this event, you will be given tools, tactics and strategies to successfully run for office. Date: Saturday, June 26, 2021 Time: 11am-3:30pm Location: Boulevard Bar and Grill Address: 2154 Middle Tennessee Blvd, Murfreesboro Cost: $15 lunch and materials

Why Do We Oppose Mask Requirements at Schools?

If you are ready to fight, sign up here. If you are curious why parents came together to oppose these mask requirements, keep reading. On March 15, 2021 the Rutherford County mask mandate ended and citizens of our county were given the freedom to choose whether masks were appropriate for them or not. Leading up to this moment, some parents with kids in Rutherford County Schools (RCS) came together to discuss if we would now have that same freedom of choice for our children while… Read More »Why Do We Oppose Mask Requirements at Schools?